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Themed Lolita

22 Jul

What’s your favorite Lolita theme? Sailor Loli, Pirate Loli? What about Schoolgirl Loli, or the infamous Maid Loli?


A New Style

16 Jun

If you were to combine Lolita fashion with an unrelated style or theme, what would your new creation be? (e.g. Fairy Lolita, Hip-Hop Lolita, etc.) Use pictures to illustrate your new style if you like!

Where’s the Love?

17 Feb

What style or styles do you think are the most underrated? (Kodona? Pirate Loli? Gothic Dandy?) Do you wish more people wore them, or more stores sold items to coordinate with them, or what? Why do you suppose they’re so unpopular?

Also, please tell us why you like this/these style(s)!

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