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12 Jan

What kind of animal themes do you commonly see in Gothic & Lolita? Which one is your favorite? What qualities do you like about this animal?


Let’s talk about food

24 Nov

It is said that Lolitas love sweets and pastries. Is this actually true for you? Regardless, what is your favorite dessert? Or maybe you dislike sweets?

What do you think would be the favorite food associated with Aristocrats, Kodona, Ouji, etc.? Not for real, just make-believe :3

How Much is Too Much

5 May

Is it possible to be too obsessed with Lolita? What would that entail? Do you know any people like this? How about you, are you obsessed with Lolita? (Not necessarily in a bad way!)

Happiness is…

21 Apr

Do you think someone has to wear Lolita regularly in order to be a true Lolita, or is there a certain attitude or mindset that is more important than the clothing?

The Rules

24 Mar

Do you believe Lolita has rules? If so, what are they? How strict are you in applying the rules of Lolita to yourself? To others?

Fashion Role-Models

10 Mar

Do you have a favorite Lolita, Aristocrat, Goth, etc.? What do you admire most about her/his style?

Where’s the Love?

17 Feb

What style or styles do you think are the most underrated? (Kodona? Pirate Loli? Gothic Dandy?) Do you wish more people wore them, or more stores sold items to coordinate with them, or what? Why do you suppose they’re so unpopular?

Also, please tell us why you like this/these style(s)!

Lolita Lifestyle

3 Feb

What is the “Lolita lifestyle”? Is it real or imagined? Does your idea of such a lifestyle differ from the ideas of others? Do you, or would you like to, adhere to this lifestyle?

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