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Lolita Horror Stories

10 Nov

Today, recall a moment revolving around Lolita that sticks out in your mind as horrible, embarrassing, or otherwise facepalm-inducing.

Did someone puke on your JSK? Did your lacey blouse get thrown in the washer by accident? Were you singled out as an example of how NOT to do Lolita, or snubbed by other Lolitas?

Give it your best shot! (So long as the shot isn’t too painful…)


A Day in the Life of…

10 Jun

When was the last time you wore Lolita? What did you do that day? If you wear Lolita every day, when was the last time you dressed up really fancy?

How Much is Too Much

5 May

Is it possible to be too obsessed with Lolita? What would that entail? Do you know any people like this? How about you, are you obsessed with Lolita? (Not necessarily in a bad way!)

Lolita Lifestyle

3 Feb

What is the “Lolita lifestyle”? Is it real or imagined? Does your idea of such a lifestyle differ from the ideas of others? Do you, or would you like to, adhere to this lifestyle?

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