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Social Networking

2 Feb

These days, the online Lolita community appears to have migrated from Livejournal to Facebook. Do you think the community has changed as a result, or is it basically the same? Perhaps you haven’t noticed any migration at all?

How has the Lolita community changed since you became a part of it? Where do you see Lolita heading in the future in terms of community and networking?


Say Cheese!

27 Jan

What do you think about posting photos of your outfits online, or photos of meetups? Is it a crucial part of belonging to the Lolita community, or does it seem too attention-seeking?

Have you ever been involved in or witnessed drama break out because of some photos posted online? Perhaps there are times when photos should be left unshared…?

Apologies for forgetting to update yesterday again! It’s only the third time in a year…that’s an accomplishment for this absentminded aristocrat >_>;


22 Sep

Is the temporary closure of the egl community on Livejournal affecting you? How do you feel about this decision? If you’re part of the community, how has it changed since you first joined? If you aren’t part of the community, have you purposely avoided it for a reason?

Internet Lolita

14 Jul

Do you have a favorite Lolita community or forum you like to visit online? Please share it with us and tell us why you enjoy it!

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