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Halloween Loli

27 Oct

What do you think about being a Lolita for Halloween? Does it depend on whether the person normally dresses in Lolita?

Have you ever worn a special Halloween-themed Lolita outfit? Please share photos if you can!


If the shoe fits…

13 Oct

What are your favorite kinds of shoes? Do you have a favorite pair in your closet? Is there a pair you wish you had?

Do you particularly dislike any kinds of shoes, Lolita or non-Lolita related? Why?

Change of Heart

29 Sep

How has your Lolita style evolved over the years? How has your general fashion style evolved? Include photos if you like!

Princess Prints

15 Sep

How do you feel about the use of prints on Lolita garments? Do most of your items feature prints, or do you prefer items that focus on garment structure? Are there certain print collections you favor, or perhaps dislike? If you enjoy collecting them, what was the first print collection you ever purchased an item from?

Shiny Things

7 Jul

What is your favorite piece of jewelry to wear with Lolita / Aristocrat? If you don’t have a favorite, is there an item that you covet?

A New Style

16 Jun

If you were to combine Lolita fashion with an unrelated style or theme, what would your new creation be? (e.g. Fairy Lolita, Hip-Hop Lolita, etc.) Use pictures to illustrate your new style if you like!

High Fashion

26 May

Are you a fan of high fashion? Haute couture? Let’s take a break from Lolita today, and tell us about one of your favorite designers. If you don’t like high fashion, are there any other types of fashion that you like, or do you surround yourself with Lolita at all times?

Oldest Clothing Items?

14 Apr

Lolita is a valuable fashion, so many people like to resell their old dresses and skirts when they grow out of them or don’t like the style anymore. What is the one item that has lasted in your wardrobe the longest?

Fashion Role-Models

10 Mar

Do you have a favorite Lolita, Aristocrat, Goth, etc.? What do you admire most about her/his style?

Some like it hot, some like it cold

3 Mar

Which season tends to be more conductive to your preferred style: Summer or Winter? In the opposite season, does your style change, or do you wear the same things and try to bear the cold/heat?

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