Being a hostess

16 Dec

Wow! Where does the time go? I think this is the second time I’ve completely forgotten to update with a prompt! At least Friday came quickly!

Have you ever hosted a meetup before? If so, tell us how it went, or tell us about your best and worst events. If not, would you like to host a meetup some day? What’s keeping you from it?


Pink House

8 Dec

Do you decorate your home or your bedroom with a Lolita or Gothic flair? If so, please share! If not, how would you decorate if you could? Or perhaps you like it just the way it is?

Beauty Essentials

1 Dec

Is taking care of your body as important as coordinating what clothes you put on it? Please tell us about your favorite skin and hair products as well as any beauty rituals you might have!

Let’s talk about food

24 Nov

It is said that Lolitas love sweets and pastries. Is this actually true for you? Regardless, what is your favorite dessert? Or maybe you dislike sweets?

What do you think would be the favorite food associated with Aristocrats, Kodona, Ouji, etc.? Not for real, just make-believe :3

Lolita Horror Stories

10 Nov

Today, recall a moment revolving around Lolita that sticks out in your mind as horrible, embarrassing, or otherwise facepalm-inducing.

Did someone puke on your JSK? Did your lacey blouse get thrown in the washer by accident? Were you singled out as an example of how NOT to do Lolita, or snubbed by other Lolitas?

Give it your best shot! (So long as the shot isn’t too painful…)

Daily Dressup

3 Nov

In the Victorian era, women changed into different outfits depending on the time of day and the activities they would be partaking in. What’s the most amount of outfits you’ve ever worn in a day?

Halloween Loli

27 Oct

What do you think about being a Lolita for Halloween? Does it depend on whether the person normally dresses in Lolita?

Have you ever worn a special Halloween-themed Lolita outfit? Please share photos if you can!

Lolita Pets

20 Oct

Would you, or have you, ever dress(ed) your pets in Lolita? What do you think about it?

If the shoe fits…

13 Oct

What are your favorite kinds of shoes? Do you have a favorite pair in your closet? Is there a pair you wish you had?

Do you particularly dislike any kinds of shoes, Lolita or non-Lolita related? Why?

A Matter of Identity

6 Oct

For those of you who feel that (Gothic &) Lolita plays a big part in who you are, do you feel it is more of a social, outward identity, or a personal, inner one?

For example, is it more important for you to participate in online and in-person communities and keep up with trends, or do you feel it’s more important to do as you like regardless of other Lolitas’ trends, communities, acceptance, etc.?

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