52 Weeks of Lolita

13 Nov
I have taken the best prompts from this blog and added a few new ones to create a year’s worth of lolita blog prompts. I call it…52 Weeks of Lolita!

I’m hoping that they will be put to more use in this format. Please feel free to copy and paste to tumblr, LJ, or elsewhere. You can tag your posts with something like #52weeksoflolita so that others can search for them easily. Have fun!
Optional intro: Give a brief bio including your name, general location, preferred sub style(s), amount of time you’ve spent in lolita, and a blurb about your expectations for this meme. (For the sake of simplicity, “lolita” and “lolita fashion” include aristocrat, ouji, and related styles throughout these prompts.)

1. What is your favorite brand, and why? What’s its history?
2. How would you describe lolita fashion to a curious person you met in passing?
3. What style do you think is the most underrated, and why?
4. What does the phrase “lolita lifestyle” mean to you, and do you, or would you like to, adhere to it?
5. What do you think constitutes lolita etiquette or good manners?
6. Does your style change with the seasons, or do you dress the same and try to bear the cold/heat?
7. Do you have a fashion role-model? What do you admire most about them?
8. What are the top 10 things you love most about lolita? Can you also compile a list of things you hate?
9. How strict are you in applying the rules to yourself? To others?
10. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever incorporated into a coord, or the weirdest material you’ve ever worn?
11. What’s the story behind your discovery of lolita fashion?
12. What is the one item that you’ve owned the longest?
13. Do you think lolita is only about clothes, or does it also encompass a certain attitude or mindset?
14. Have you ever decorated a room or other space (car?) with lolita aesthetics in mind?
15. Is it possible to be too obsessed with lolita?
16. What are you favorite and least favorite trends? Do you think it’s important to follow them, or to do as you like regardless of them?
17. How do you define “lolita cosplay” and how do you feel about it?
18. Are there other fashions that you wear regularly, or are you an everyday lolita?
19. Do you look for bargains to save as much money as possible, or are you willing to make sacrifices for high-quality products?
20. When was the last time you wore lolita, and what did you do that day? If you wear it daily, when was the last time you went OTT or extra-fancy?
21. If you were to combine lolita fashion with an unrelated style or theme, what would your new creation be?
22. What is your favorite accessory, and why is it your favorite?
23. What’s your favorite online lolita community or forum? Are there any that you avoid?
24. What is your favorite theme (e.g. school loli, pirate loli, nurse loli) or motif (e.g. deer, music notes, stars/constellations)?
25. Is there any music that you associate with lolita?
26. Will you ever be too old for lolita?
27. Do you enjoy sewing? Why or why not?
28. How does your location affect your involvement in the local lolita community? Would you like to move elsewhere to be closer, or perhaps farther away?
29. Does your sleepwear resemble lolita at all?
30. Can you admit to any unpopular opinions regarding lolita?
31. How do you feel about Visual kei or Jrock, and do you feel it’s related to lolita, or not?
32. Whether or not you wear them (looking at you, Ouji), do you prefer the look of skirts, JSKs, and OPs with or without prints?
33. How has your style evolved over time?
34. If applicable, what other communities do you belong to? What other identities do you adopt?
35. What are your favorite shoes to wear with your style, or what’s your dream pair?
36. Would you, or have you ever, dressed your pets in lolita?
37. How do you feel about people who wear lolita for Halloween? Does it depend on whether that person is already a lolita?
38. Excluding fashion shows, what’s the most amount of outfits you’ve ever worn in a day?
39. What’s your worst lolita horror story?
40. Do you like sweets? If so, what’s your favorite dessert?
41. Do you have any beauty products, health routines, or special diet to keep you at your best?
42. What were the best and worst meetups you’ve hosted? If you haven’t hosted, would you like to someday?
43. Who is your favorite artist? If not famous for lolita art, do you think they have lolita appeal?
44. How do you feel about wigs? Do you wear any, or style your natural hair?
45. What’s your favorite animal motif?
46. Have you ever visited a brand’s shop/boutique? If so, what was your reaction? If not, what shop would you most like to visit?
47. Do you think posting photos of your coord online is a crucial part of belonging to the community?
48. How has the lolita community changed since you became a part of it? Where do you see lolita heading in the future in terms of community and networking?
49. What advice would you give someone who is nervous about starting lolita? Or do you think they should learn their own lessons?
50. What’s your dream dress/garment? Is it a faraway goal or have you obtained it?
51. How do you feel about the stereotype that lolitas are full of drama? What’s the worst drama you’ve ever witnessed or been involved in?
52. Are you loyal to any particular makeup brands?
Bonus! (For years with 53 weeks, or just for fun!)
53. What’s your dream career? Must your ideal career allow you to express your individual style?

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